First and foremost, our hope as the church is in our Savior, Jesus Christ! Our hope comes through the good news of the Gospel—that we are forgiven and justified by his blood. We experience that hope now, we look forward to the hope of seeing him face to face, and we take joy in sharing that hope with others.

While the ultimate hope is Jesus, we want others to see his love through our love. We want them to know his hope because of experiencing the love of God’s people. Here are a few ways that we seek to give hope to the community and to the world.

Compassion Fund

The members of Calvary sacrificially give of their finances to support the mission of the church in the community and the world. 2% of everything they give to the church is set aside specifically to care for the needy. Because of their generous giving, Calvary is able to give thousands each year to those in need in the community and around the world.

Charis Cupboard

While many other organizations are able to help with food and lodging, the Charis Cupboard fills a unique need. On the first Saturday of every month, men and women in the community are invited to The Grace Place from 10-11 am. During that time, they are able to pick up a grocery bag filled with paper products, detergents, and personal hygiene items.

These items are provided through the giving of the church—both of money and of products. The folks at Calvary donate anything from laundry detergent and soap to toilet paper and toothbrushes. During the winter, hats and gloves are collected to distribute as well.

World Missions

John Piper has said, “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” We love our Savior, and we love to worship him. At Calvary, we want to dedicate ourselves to bringing more and more people to worship at the throne of Jesus!
Through the generous giving of the people at Calvary, we are able to support missionaries all over the globe. We are privileged to have a couple missionaries that have been sent directly from our church:

Bart and Emily Allen—Papua New Guinea

Bart, Emily, and their four boys minister among the Amdu people located in the mountains of the Sandaun Province of western Papua New Guinea. Bart and Emily are praying that God would allow them to share the hope of Jesus Christ with these men, women, and children of Amdu. They dream of seeing a local church—a body of believers—planted in Amdu.

To accomplish this task, the Word of God must first be translated into the Amdu language—a language that the Allens must first learn before they begin translation work. Please pray for the Allens as they persevere in learning the language and culture of Amdu so that they can share the hope of the Gospel of Jesus! For more information on the Allens, see their blog.

Jason and Adele Rice

Jason, Adele, and their three boys are church planting missionaries to the country of Slovakia. They began their first term in the Spring of 2012. Since their arrival, they have partnered with an existing Gospel-preaching church to learn Slovakian culture and ministry. While ministering in this church, they are continuing to learn the language, as well as explore regions in need of a local church body.

The Rices plan to return to the US in the Spring of 2016 for their furlough. They are excited to return in 2017 with the prospect of starting a church beginning to become a reality.

For a complete list of the missionaries Calvary supports, please click here.


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